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    Sri Lanaka

        I went to Sri Lanka in 2014
       for the first time.
       I was in Thailand and didn't
       intent to visit.
       But this must have been
       something to do with my future.

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       I have been to Vietnam more
       than 5 times on vacation.
       Vietnam reminds me
       of the time when I was a child.

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       I visited Myanmar in 2013
       for the fist time.
       But at that time I only
       crossed the border from
       Thailand to Myawadee.
       in Myanmar. I foud It was
       totaly different country.

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       China is a beautiful country
       as it has a huge land and
       its long history.
       I was so fascinated by the
       nature blue of the lake in

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       Angkor Wat temple complex
       is a histrical spot in Cambodia
       that is renowned across the globe.
       Those ruins are unbelievable
       architectural structure。

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       Thai people believe in Buddhism
       and practice aomost everyday.
       There are so many temples.

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       Laos is full of nature.
       People are innocent.
       They practice Buddhism
       in temples when they are
       children. So they know
       how to live in nature.

Second life is a life after retirement. It should be wonderful and fulfilled.





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I have composed some pieces of music with computer and sound generators. I like to show some number of them without hesitation.

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Volunteer Activities

I joined volunteering activities in Sri Lanka from September 2014 through October in 2016.

My mission is teaching Mechatronics subject to students in Vocational school in Moratuwa.

Volunteer Activity in Sri Lanka (during:2014/09-2015/09)

I was dispached to I.E.T.I (Industrial Engineering Training Institute) of NAITA (National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority) which is located in Moratuwa south of Colombo.

Volunteer Activity in Sri Lanka (during:2014/09-2016/10)

I spent fruitful time at I.E.T.I. And also I had a lot of friends from colleagues to students.

Tourist Spots Best 10

I made some video through my experiences during trips in South-East Asia.